One Piece Is Finally Coming To AnimeLab


Finally after years of questions from fans asking when One Piece would be making it’s way onto Madman’s anime streaming platform AnimeLab. The announcement came during the AnimeLab panel at MadFest Melbourne this past weekend.

And best of all it’s available to watch right now!!

The One Piece anime began airing back in 1999 and is still ongoing. You can currently watch the latest 70 episodes of One Piece on AnimeLab beginning with episode 783 or what is also referred to as the ‘Whole Cake Island’ arc.

AnimeLab will be adding a new episode weekly as it airs. It is currently unclear whether the first 782 episodes will be added to the platform but based on the catalogue of anime already on the platform it seems likely they will.

So get to it and go and enjoy One Piece on AnimeLab now.

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