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So you’re considering joining the Ani-Game mailing list? Well let me tell you on this page why you should. Before I get into what you get out of subscribing just know that I hate spam as much as you likely do so I won’t be filling your inbox with email blasts. At most you’ll get one email update each week, unless I have a special giveaway or competition starting up.

This is to help build a community of like minded people with interests in games and anime, to allow you to suggest and shape the content I make on the site going forward and to make sure you’re all notified of any future giveaways, which I now plan to do monthly.

And best of all IT’S FREE. You can subscribe using the form below but if you need a little more incentive to join, keep reading the additional info below.

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Exclusive Posts

Starting up very shortly there will be a series of posts that will be going out exclusively to members of the mailing list. These posts will focus on various topics ranging from analysis essays for specific anime or games, animation breakdowns and director spotlight posts. The mailing list community will be able to vote and shape what these posts will be and suggestions for what you’d like to see are welcome.

Early access to featured blog posts

Along with the regular reviews and news pieces found on the site. Very soon there will be an increase in longer form blog posts on specific topics and list posts that will hopefully help answer some of the questions I frequently get asked. The first post will cover the Best Anime To Start With For Beginners and will hit the site really soon. All of these featured posts will be sent out to mailing list subscribers first before they’re published publicly on the site. So if you want to be one of the first to read them, you know what to do.

Early heads up about competitions

I’ve recently been getting a lot of support from anime and game publishers and receive various items to use as giveaway prizes. I like to use them as a way to give back to those that follow my work and enjoy my reviews. These often include promotional game codes, movie passes, various anime titles and even things from my personal collection that could do with a new home. Any subscribers of the mailing list will be notified via of the competition the weekend before it actually goes live.

Automatic Entry into all competitions

To go along with the early heads up, any mailing list subscribers will also receive an automatic entry into any giveaways that are run by Ani-Game.

Ability to suggest reviews

Subscribers of the mailing list will be able to participate in private community feedback forms where you can suggest series or games you’d like to see me review or cover on the website and also suggest the types of content you would like to see on the site going forward.

Never miss a review or important news

I understand many of you are busy people and may not get a chance to visit the site each day to catch up on any new reviews or news. Lucky for you, by joining the mailing list you will receive the weekly newsletter that will catch you up with all the reviews and big news pieces from that week.

In the mean time, if you’d like to stay up to date with my daily updates and talk anime and games with me online feel free to follow me on Twitter.