Tons Of New Details Released in The Last Of Us Part 2 State Of Play


Early yesterday morning, Sony released a new State of Play episode focusing on providing a deep dive into the world of The Last of Us Part 2, showcasing a number of new gameplay systems, factions and wrapping up with an extended look at a brand new section of gameplay.

The 25 minute episode is narrated by Game Director Neil Druckmann as he guides us through the vast and diverse environments we’ll be traversing through on our journey. Confirming that similar to the first game, Part 2 will also take place in different areas of the United States and will span across numerous seasons. Showcasing decaying cities, overgrown lands and snow covered environments we’ll be playing in as Ellie.

Neil also introduces a number of new gameplay mechanics, revealing that dogs will be able to track Ellie’s scent, she’s taken a page out of Nathan Drake’s book and can now swing from ropes and yes, she can now swim.

Druckmann goes on to detail the story premise as well as the warring factions you’ll cross paths with within the game. And while the other surviving humans look to be the main threat in the game, there will certainly be no shortage of Infected to deal with too, with Druckmann showing off some of the new infected types we’ll come across while indicating there will still be other new types revealed in the final game.

The episode is capped off with an extended 8 minute look at a gameplay sequence that shows Ellie infiltrating an enemy camp to locate a target. Throughout this sequence we see how adept Ellie has become at combat and just how crafting new weapons will work in the game.

One thing is for certain, The Last of Us Part 2 looks to be a technical masterpiece and is certainly not pulling any punches when it comes to the grounded and gritty violence on display. Look forward to it launching in just a few weeks time on June 19th.

To view the full 25 minute The Last Of Us Part 2 State Of Play check out the video below.

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