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Knowledge Is Power joins the Playstation as the newest member of the PlayLink family. Social titles that are enjoyable by all and allow a bunch of friends to come together and enjoy interacting with each other and the game via a mobile device.

Knowledge Is Power is a social trivia and quiz game show that is an absolute blast to play if you have a few friends around to really enjoy it. It’s what I’ve been searching for since Buzz on the PS2 to fill that party quiz game hole in my life.

After downloading the free app from the iOS or Android store you’re able to join in a local multiplayer game with up to 5 others. While the game supports 2-6 players I found that it really is a case of the more the merrier. When I first loaded it up and played a couple of rounds at home with my wife it wasn’t as enjoyable as when we played with 4 people as we knew each round we were only able to hit each other with the Power Plays, limiting the competitiveness and strategy aspect of the game.

After joining the game, each player is able to pick their character and take a selfie using their mobile device that applies a custom filter based on the chosen character to create their own avatar. Each game consists of 3 rounds with each round having 4 questions and a sorting mini game. Each question begins with all players voting on the topic by selecting one of 4 doors, where the majority selection is chosen as the topic of the question unless there is an equal split, then it is randomised or if someone decides to spend their PowerPick, a token that can be spent once per game to guarantee a certain topic is picked.

After the topic is chosen comes the strategic and what can be both the most fun and rage inducing aspect of Knowledge Is Power. You get to select your Power Play. One of a number of options that you can play on another player to hinder how long it takes them to answer, as the points you score are based on how fast you can input the correct response. You may find your answers covered in goop that you need to frantically swipe away to reveal your answers or may even find your answers encased in ice, forcing you to tap repeatedly to break through to your answer. If you are currently leading the game, be prepared for your friends to throw plenty of these at you.

Doing well throughout the 3 rounds gives you an advantage heading into the final round’s pyramid climb. At this final round, it really can be anyone’s game if you play well enough. The first one to reach the peak of the pyramid wins the whole game. And slight bragging rights in front of all of your friends playing.

One thing I really liked about Knowledge Is Power is how easy it was to jump in and play a quirky fun quiz game with a bunch of friends once they downloaded the required app. You can finish a full game in around 15-20 minutes but the game does have a great amount of replay value. After playing around 10 full games I hadn’t encountered the same question once. Although I wish the presented topics were a bit more randomised. The algorithm that generates the topics each round seems to work based on the previously chosen topics to an extent. Making it quite tiresome at times being presented largely history and war topics after answering a prior history topic.

Final Thoughts

Overall Knowledge Is Power is a great social party game that is easily accessible and really fun to play. I would suggest playing with at least 3 players to add further enjoyment and strategy to the game but can be played with as little as 2 if you and 1 other just want to enjoy a casual quiz. It’s quick game time means you can play multiple games quite quickly throughout the night but would have loved if the topics weren’t loaded based on prior gameplay choices. It’s definitely a fun and cheap party game that you can enjoy with all your friends (as long as they each have a mobile device) for just $24.95 AUD. Invite some friends around and have a game today.

A PS4 review code for Knowledge Is Power was provided free of charge from Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe.

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Played On: PS4

  • + Fun and accessible quiz/trivia show for all your friends
  • + Quick game turn around time
  • + A cheap option for games night with friends

  • - Needs greater randomisation at times with question topics

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