Prey is Receiving A Bunch Of New Content


Plenty Of Content Still Coming

After launching about a year ago, it’s been announced today during the Bethesda E3 showcase that Prey would be receiving a bunch of new content and play modes.

A new patch going live later tonight will add the option to select from 3 game modes. Story Mode, New Game + and a new Survival Mode to hopefully bring people back into the world of Prey.

The team at Arkane Studio’s also announced a new DLC for Prey called Prey Mooncrash. A new mode that takes place on the moon and plays similar to a rougelike game. Each run will be randomised, containing different enemies and loot. With the team stating that each run will be very different.

Mooncrash is available now, but to keep players excited for what Prey has in store for the future, Arkane have announced Typhon Hunter. A 6 player hide and seek mode where 1 player is a Mimic that can take the form of everyday objects and it’s up to the other 5 players to eliminate them. This mode will also be playable in VR.

Check out the trailer for Prey: Mooncrash below.

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