PlayStation Australia Announces The PS VR Show


Get ready to see all the latest and greatest things coming to the PlayStation VR system in PlayStation Australia’s soon to launch PS VR Show.

The new content series will be hosted by Nich Richardson (NichBoy) known for previously hosting ScreenPlay and will have him jumping into the latest games and experiences for the PlayStation VR system each month.

Each episode will see NichBoy joined by some of the biggest and best gaming personalities from across Australia. Guests will take part in his weird, whacky and fun challenges in virtual reality.

To launch the first episode, Virtual Reality gaming YouTuber Cheru and self-proclaimed “core gaming” reviewer SkillUpYT join Nich on the sofa. The episode will also feature newly released PS VR exclusive and breathtaking arcade game, Tetris® Effect, as well as Virtual Reality creation platform, CoolPaintr VR.

The first episode of The PS VR show will be available next Wednesday the 19th of December over on PlayStation Australia’s Youtube channel. Check out the trailer for the series below if you’d like a sneak peak at the show.

In just over 2 years the PlayStation VR has seen over 250 games and experiences released for the platform with plenty more to come in 2019. Meaning The PS VR show could be the best place to stay up to date with all of the titles coming to the system that you should be playing.

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