Pirate’s Of The Caribbean Is Back In Kingdom Hearts 3


We Need A bigger Ship

After having a release date trailer at the Microsoft conference yesterday and a slightly modified version released this morning at the Square Enix conference, we have now received a third, brand new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 during the Sony Playstation conference at E3.

This trailer begins by revealing that Pirate’s Of The Caribbean is back, having been previously featured in Kingdom Hearts 2. The events and characters seem to suggest it may involve the plot of the third film but it could be completely original.

The trailer shows a number of different environments that will be traversed in the Pirate’s world including stoney cliff-side’s and even showed off some underwater combat and traversal. The trailer then cuts to what appears to be a boss battle against a stone hydra that has a boat load of health.

We get to see sections of a conversation between Jack and Organisation XIII’s Luxord before seeing slightly extended and alternate views on what we saw in the previous 2 E3 trailers. Capped off with a new scene with Axel and Kairi on Destiny Island.

Hype levels are getting higher and higher. I cannot wait to get my hands on this game.
Check out the Sony E3 trailer below.

Kingdom Hearts 3 was recently confirmed to launch on January 29th 2019.

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