Are We Ready For Detroit: Become Human Style Helper Androids?


Many Not Quite Ready To Accept Our Android Overlords Just Yet

To promote the launch of the recently released Detroit: Become Human, PlayStation Australia have conducted a social experiment around the streets of Sydney to see just how people react when in the presence of androids and what they think of the potential future application of them.

For the experiment, a realistic-looking Android was created modelled on the in-game CyberLife Android protagonists designed by the game’s creators, Quantic Dream. The appearance and character of the CyberLife Android were brought to life using a trained actor and prosthetics by an internationally renowned and award-winning Australian special makeup effects studio.

The test showed an overwhelming response of mistrust and concern around the prospect of Android helpers in everyday life. People’s powerful, and often hilarious, reactions reinforced the principle of ‘Uncanny Valley’; when robots look close to, but not quite, human, people develop a sense of unease and discomfort.

“We might be creating the species that replaces us.”

“It’s a bit freaky isn’t it? He’s not very friendly.”

You can view the experiment for yourself in the video below:

We recently reviewed Detroit: Become Human and thought the game should definitely be on your radar. It truly deliver’s on it’s promise of a choice based branching storyline and has some of the best visuals of any PS4 game to date. Check out our review here.

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