First Sneak Peak Of Code Geass: Lelouch Of The Resurrection Released


First look at the long awaited third series of Code Geass

Ten years on from the end of the first anime (Lelouch of the Rebellion) Sunrise announced that a special 10th anniversary event would be held in Japan. At this event it was announced that a third season in the much loved Code Geass series was in the works. Titled Lelouch of the Resurrection.

Code Geass 10th anniversary poster

Promotional poster for Lelouch of the Resurrection shown of at the 10th anniversary event

Many thought after R2 aired that based on the ending, the only way to continue the series would be in a spin off or prequel season. But it has been confirmed that this new show will follow several years after the end of R2 and Lelouch will return as the lead character.

Along with the reveal of the new series, it was announced that a three-part film series was in the works. This film series will recap the events of the first two seasons with newly recorded voice acting. The first of the films is due for release in 2017 but there is no time frame specified yet for when we will get our eyes on the third season.

Luckily the teaser trailer for Lelouch of the Resurrection that was shown only to attendees of the event in Japan has now officially been released online and you can watch it below.

We’ll be sure to publish new articles once more news of this new series arises until then you can catch up on Code Geass over at AnimeLab

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