Check Out The New Fallout 76 Trailer. 4 Time’s Bigger Than Fallout 4


Todd Howard took the stage this morning at the Microsoft e3 conference to give us a further look at Fallout 76. This was strange to see and was really not expected as Bethesda have their own conference taking place mere hours after the Microsoft event where I thought we would get our next look at the game after it’s initial reveal last week.

4 Time’s Bigger Than Fallout 4

Before rolling the new trailer Todd revealed that Fallout 76 is set in West Virginia, which many had guessed based on the use of Country Roads as the trailer song and that the game is currently 4 times larger than Fallout 4.

I’m sure there is more coming today at Bethesda’s own show but for now check out the new e3 trailer below.

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