The World Ends With You Final Remix Launches On Switch This October


Not Long To Wait Until The World Ends With You Final Remix Release Date

News regarding the Switch version of The World Ends With You has been pretty quiet after being announced back in January during a Nintendo Direct. But in a surprise announcement today Nintendo have announced that The World Ends With You Final Remix release date is October 12th this year.

The World Ends With You was one of my personal favourite titles on the Nintendo DS platform when it launched over 10 years ago so I can’t wait to jump back in and experience the story again on the Nintendo Switch.

In case you haven’t heard of it before, The World Ends With You is an action role-playing game with urban fantasy elements developed by Square Enix and Jupiter originally for the Nintendo DS. Set in the modern-day Shibuya shopping district of Tokyo. Lead character Neku awakens in the busy shopping district not knowing how he got there, not able to recall any of his memories. He soon finds himself in the middle of a life and death game with his partner Shiki, working together the two must do what they can to survive.

The Nintendo Switch version will feature HD visuals, enhanced gameplay, exclusive new content a newly added scenario and some new remixed music. Players can join rhythmic battles using either the Joy-Con or the Nintendo Switch touch screen. In two-player co-op mode, players can battle enemies – known as Noise – and challenge the Reaper’s Game together.

Join Neku and his allies as they fight their way to freedom when The World Ends with You -Final Remix- launches for Nintendo Switch on 12th October.

Check out the new trailer for The World Ends With You Final Remix below:

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