Weathering With You Hits Australian Cinemas August 22nd


If the upcoming film Weathering With You isn’t on your radar already, it should be, especially if you’re an anime fan. It’s the latest film from director Makoto Shinkai, best known for his 2016 box office hit Your Name. Which was the first review on the site to score a 10. The film is fantastic and if you haven’t seen it, it’s currently still on Netflix (at time of writing).

Now he’s followed up that masterpiece with his latest film, Weathering With You. It’s already begun it’s theatrical run in Japan, but today we got some good news from Madman Entertainment, we won’t have to wait long to see it here. The film is set to take Australia and New Zealand by storm when it sweeps into cinemas from August 22, 2019, showing on over 150 screens including IMAX.

About Weathering With You

‘Weathering With You’ tells the story of high school freshman Hodaka Morishima, who leaves his home to move to Tokyo. Struggling to find a job, amidst an unusually long rainy period, he meets a young woman named Hina Amano, who possesses a strange and wonderful ability; the power to stop the rain and clear the skies.

The emotionally-charged story is met with Shinkai’s hyper-realistic and visually stunning animation which has blown audiences away. Within its first three days of release in Japan, ‘Weathering With You’ managed to surpass the gross box office of ‘Your Name’ by a staggering 28.6%. It is anticipated to continue to have a massive domestic box office results in the coming weeks.

Fans of Your Name have another reason to be excited for this film. The band Radwimps have returned to compose the score for the movie. It’s already available to listen to on most music streaming platforms and they’ve produced some more great and emotional tracks.

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Check out the trailer for the film and some key screenshots below.

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