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Welcome to the very first episode of Talent Talk. A new segment that will become a regular show here on the site and on your favourite podcast services (soon). It’s currently planned to be a weekly show for the foreseeable future but based on the talent I can get for the show and their schedules that may be shifted slightly in the future.

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So what is Talent Talk?

After running Ani-Game for a number of years now doing the reviews for video games and anime I found myself wanting to get to know more about the people involved in creating the anime, games and characters that entertain me. Finding out how they got started as a voice actor, what challenges they face on their projects and what their favourite roles are. All while learning more about the industry through their stories.

So that’s where the idea for Talent Talk came from. It’s a brand new show where I’ll be sitting down with voice actors from the anime and video game industry and picking their brains to learn more about them and the projects they’ve worked on.

The response to the show so far has been fantastic and I have quite a number of actors and actresses that have worked on some of the biggest anime right now on board to record episodes. Actors that have worked on and even have leading roles in shows like
Food Wars!, Citrus, Darling in the FranXX, Black Clover, Digimon, Naruto, Beyblade Burst Turbo, Steins;Gate, The Seven Deadly Sins and many more

So here is episode 1. The guest for this episode is Megan Shipman, a voice actress that works for Funimation and has recently played Yuzu in Citrus, Naomi in Darling in the FranXX and took over from Ashley Burch in the role of Mayuri in Steins;Gate 0.

In the episode we talk about how she got started as a voice actor, behind the scenes details about playing the characters mentioned above, the challenges that come with being a voice actor and what she enjoys doing in her spare time when not watching more anime. Check it out below and I hope you enjoy the episode.

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