New Spider-Man PS4 Villains Revealed In New Trailer


Will We Be Facing The Sinister Six?

Closing out the Playstation conference today at E3 was a new look at the soon to release Spider-Man game from Insomniac.

The trailer shows presents a ‘break-out’ style chase mission from the game where some of Spidey’s toughest baddies from his vast villains catalogue have escaped prison and are leading Peter on a chase through the city.

The seamless web swinging to wall running is again shown off and reinforces how great it will look and feel to traverse Manhattan in this game as Spider-Man.

Also revealed throughout the event’s of the trailer are a bunch of new villains that will appear in the game. The core of the trailer shows Spider-Man chasing down Electro but along the way crosses path’s with Scorpion, The Rhino, Vulture and Mr Negative, who has been revealed in the previous announcements as the main villain of the game.

The trailer concludes with the previously mentioned enemies coming together the collectively beat down Spider-Man hinting that this game may include an Insomniac version of the famous Sinister Six as the 5 enemies seem to be joined by someone else at the end of the sequence. Is this a further foe or an ally coming to Peter’s rescue?

Check out the newest Spider-Man villains gameplay trailer below.

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