Spider-Man Launch Trailer Hints At New Story Details


A new trailer for the PlayStation 4 exclusive Spider-Man has dropped overnight and it subtly reveals some story information while also leaving plenty more to speculate about.

The trailer begins with Spider-Man rescuing the character we know has been confirmed as being Miles Morales in Insomniac’s Spiderverse.

Spider-Man advises Miles to “leave the fighting to the pro’s” suggesting that he was either in over his head fighting with someone in the story or attempted to help Spidey out in the middle of a conflict with a villain.

Will There Be More Than One Spidey?

Miles has featured fairly prominently in a few of the trailers now so I do believe he has a bigger role to play in the game. We know that the player also takes control of Mary Jane in the story, could we also be suiting up as Miles at some point too?

Based on information coming out of the media previews, this Miles rescue scene occurs at least a few hours into the story of the game as Spider-Man can be seen wearing the original Insomniac suit which we know Spidey doesn’t have from the beginning of the game and none of the previews have mentioned running into Miles after playing the first 3 hours or so.

The rest of the trailer reveals the catalyst for the main story. I’ve been following the game’s development for some time now and have heard it mentioned in a number of interviews by Bryan Intihar. The opening mission involves capturing and locking away the Kingpin. He mentions in the trailer “I was the one who kept order in this city” and Intihar has mentioned in the past that with the Kingpin locked up there’s no one keeping the villains of Manhattan in check, leading to them all going on a sinister reign at once. It seems although the Kingpin was the one causing the chaos in Spider-Man’s life, it was organised chaos.

We then get a montage of Spidey taking on the Silver Sable, Rhino, Scorpion and the Vulture before the trailer ends on the same shot from the 2017 e3 footage where Miles can be seen recording Spider-Man on his phone.

You can check out the Spider-Man launch trailer below.

Spider-Man launches exclusively for the PS4 on September 7th.

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