Sony Shows Off First Gameplay For The Last Of Us Part 2


Kicking Things Off With Naughty Dog

Kicking off the Playstation E3 conference earlier today was an in depth look at Naughty Dog’s upcoming title, The Last Of Us Part 2.

The gameplay we see starts off with quite a calm scene involving Ellie at a social gathering before a quick pivot takes us to a dark and murky jungle scene where the transition between cutscene and controllable gameplay is seamless.

The whole gameplay demo is played as Ellie, a change up from Joel being the lead character in the first game. And it become’s clear that this world is as dark, gritty and violent as we experienced in that first game.

The whole sequence showcases the talent of Naughty Dog and this looks to be another really special game, hopefully coming sometime soon. Although no release date or window was mentioned at this e3.

Check out The Last Of Us Part 2 gameplay trailer which we will soon be analysing in more detail down below.

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