Put Your Cells To Work With The Madman Blood Donation Partnership


After being revealed last year at MadFest Melbourne more information is now available about the partnership between AnimeLab and The Red Cross. A campaign that is aiming to increase the number of returning blood donors in the 18-30 range here in Australia.

Today, in the newest phase of this collaboration a number of anime cosplayers donated blood in Sydney to encourage more people aged between 18 and 30 to give blood. They are also calling on the anime community to pledge to donate at the Madman Anime Festival Sydney event this weekend.

Younger people account for the largest number of first-time donors in Australia, but the lowest number of return donors.

Blood Service data shows that of the 122,000 young people (18-29) who donated in 2018,
more than half didn’t return to make a follow-up donation. Conversely Anime has maintained strong popularity among this demographic, representing around 80 per cent of the current AnimeLab subscription base.

Throughout the year, AnimeLab and the Blood Service will continue to travel across Australia to Madman Anime Festivals in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth – expected to attract well over 35,000 people – with the aim of educating potential young donors on the importance of giving blood.

Without even realising it, AnimeLab viewers have already started their educational journey on blood donation through the 2018 hit show Cells at Work.

Madman Blood Donation

If you are interested in the partnership and would like to give blood you can find out how you can participate by heading to the MadFest website or the AnimeLab challenge page on The Red Cross website.

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