New Spider-Man Trailer Showcases Combat Upgrades & New Suits


Just weeks before release Sony has released a new Gamescom trailer for Spider-Man on PS4 that has further detailed some aspects of the game.

The trailer is narrated via a phone call between J. Jonah Jameson and Spider-Man. Doing what Jameson does best. Making sure the towns people of Manhattan know that Spider-Man is a pest. Pointing out the increase in crime, hold-ups and car-jackings occurring that all have one thing in common. Spider-Man.

Throughout the trailer, Peter is heard trying to please his, well Spider-Man’s case before we hear Jameson go into detail on the various suits he’s been seen wearing and talking about the ‘unsanctioned gadgets’ Spider-Man is unleashing throughout the city.

This is where we get our first look at the much loved Scarlett Spider outfit we’ll be able to get in the game, along with showing off the other pre-order bonus suits and their unique abilities that will be usable while wearing them. Like the sonic powers, web spray, and the holographic duplicates that the Scarlett Spider suit can deploy.

The trailer then shows us some of the gadgets we’ll be able to use during combat in the game. Trip mines, spider drones and the web bomb are all shown off before Peter mentions that these may be created by Spider-Man and Jameson laughs it off assuming Spider-Man could never be a scientist.

You can check out the latest Gamescom combat trailer for yourself below.

Spider-Man will launch exclusively for the PS4 on September 7th so we can all get our hands on it in just a couple of weeks. Jameson’s talk show rants have been confirmed to be a feature of the game so we can look forward to more hilariously misinformed talks while we play.

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