Millennium Exile Has Been Reimagined As A Light Novel Series & Vol.1 Is Out Now


You may remember a few years ago, I sat down with fellow Aussie Ty Hanson to talk about his Millennium Exile project. A series he’d developed from the ground up that he’d hoped would one day be adapted into it’s very own anime series.

In the years since that interview, Ty has been working hard developing and refining the story and pitching it to studios. But now he’s taken the job of getting the story out there into his own hands and is now developing Millennium Exile as a series of Light Novels. And best of all, the first issue is out and available right now.

Millennium Exile Light Novel

For those new to the story, the official synopsis states:

Born with incredible strength, Vincent imagines being a hero of justice. In the lawless, and poverty-stricken Ryuuga Ghetto, he is shunned by the public, who fear his tremendous abilities and consider him a monster.

He dreams of leaving his everyday life in search of adventure. However, when a mysterious stranger offers him a chance to do just that; Vincent is thrown into a world he never knew existed.

A world of meisters, magic and mythical creatures.

If you’re interested in checking out more about Millennium Exile you can find the official website, which is full of some great lore and behind the scenes details here.

And for those that want to support the series, the first novel is available to purchase as either a physical edition or ebook at Amazon.

Millennium Exile Light Novel

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