Learn About The World Of God Of War With The New Companion App


Get The New God of War Mobile App Now

As if from nowhere, we’ve been surprised by a new companion app for the upcoming God Of War game titled Mimir’s Vision. This app allows you to navigate the world map and learn about the many locations that will be featured in God of War’s Midgard.

The app combines your mobile camera and AR technology to generate a world map on any flat surface. From here you can pinch to zoom in and out to get a better look at Midgard and clicking on key area’s presents you with interesting pieces of lore and back story for that place.

It is available for free now for both iPhone and Android users.

This God of War mobile app isn’t the only companion piece of media available to be enjoyed alongside the latest God Of War game. There is also an upcoming 4-issue comic run, an art book as well as Totaku figurines available for both Kratos and Atreyus. It’s clear there will be no shortage of God of War related goodies to jump into along with the game that launches this Friday.

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