Kojima Productions Finally Reveals What Death Stranding Gameplay Looks Like


Answers Some Questions, But Raises Plenty More

It was promised that we would get a deeper look at Death Stranding during the Playstation E3 conference this year. And they delivered. During the conference we got to see just over 8 minutes of brand new footage from the upcoming Kojima Productions title.

It helped shed further light on many of the questions raised in previous trailers but still left me with plenty of new questions about what the game is about and what we’ll actually be doing in the game when we finally get our hands on it.

I plan on doing a much deeper analysis of the trailer over the coming days so look forward to that. But for now check out the previously released trailer’s if you haven’t already and then strap in and check out the new Death Stranding gameplay footage below.

Stay tuned for our deeper analysis of Death Stranding and it’s world coming soon.

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