Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date And New World Revealed


Probably the most shocking reveal from this morning’s Microsoft E3 conference was the inclusion of new Kingdom Hearts 3 content. Seeing as Square Enix have their own showcase early tomorrow morning I thought that is where we would be seeing any and all Kingdom Hearts related news.

The trailer begins by showing Sora eliminating a Heartless in a dark and icy world. Commenting on how cold everything is before looking up to see the nearby sea turning to ice and seeing Elsa running on the sea, revealing that they are actually in Arendelle from the Frozen franchise.

The trailer then cuts to a different scene showing that during their time in the world Sora and the gang will cross paths with Olaf, Anna and Kristoff. We then get to see some combat with a giant ice snowman who may be this world’s mid-boss as well as combat with new ice themed Heartless (and possibly Dream Eater’s) and demonstrating what looks like a Mufasa or Simba summon.

After a combat montage showcasing the worlds revealed in prior trailers we get our first look at how Gummy ship sections will play out

Throughout the trailer the new theme “Don’t think twice” by Hikaru Utada who has done the theme’s for all main entry Kingdom Hearts titles plays.

A conversation between Sora and a couple of the many Xehanort’s we can expect to see in the game, along with a scene revealing that Larxene from Organisation XIII is back shows that the theme of light vs darkness will again be very prominent in the core plot of the game.

The trailer concludes by cutting to a scene that looks to take place at the Dark Margin, inside the World of Darkness. We see Riku and Mickey on the beach before seeing the manifestation of a dark figure that turns out to be Aqua who appears to have turned to the dark side during the events of this game.

But best of all at the end of the trailer comes the moment fan’s of the series have been waiting 13 years to find out. The release date of Kingdom Hearts 3. January 29th 2019.

If I’m reading the tweet from the official Kingdom Hearts twitter account correctly it seems we’ll be getting more than one trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 during this e3.

So stay tuned for more Kingdom Hearts information over the next few days.

For now check out the newest trailer for yourself below.

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