Kingdom Hearts 3 Gets New Trailer And VR Game Announcement


A new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 has dropped overnight at Sony’s pre Tokyo Game Show presentation.

The new trailer shows off the first look at gameplay for the Big Hero 6 world. We see Sora meeting Hiro and Baymax for the first time before seeing the new keyboard transformation granted the the Keyblade from Sanfransokyo.

The trailer also features a new sequence involving Xemnas and Vanitas and also hints at further dark and ominous things going on behind the scenes.

The trailer also shows off brand new gummi ship gameplay and it looks absolutely fantastic.

You can check out the new trailer below:

Also announced at the event was a Kingdom Hearts VR experience that will be releasing for free later this year. Not much is known about the experience but as you can see in the trailer below you’ll have the ability to swing a keyblade and experience VR musical experiences from the game.

You can check out the Kingdom Hearts VR trailer here.

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