Jump Force Story Details Revealed In New Trailer


Bandai Namco have dropped a new trailer today that has given us our first look at the Jump Force story we’ll be playing through next year when the game releases.

The story involves the merging of two worlds, which was hinted at by the game’s logo. The joining of the Jump World and Real World has caused Earth to fall into chaos, with many of the Jump world’s villains invading and causing the world to fall into chaos.

To combat this villainous threat Director Glover (an original character created for Jump Force by Akira Toriyama) has put together a team of heroes from the manga universe known as the Jump Force

The trailer also shows off the game’s character creator where you’ll be able to customise your own player character including their look and fighting abilities. The character creator looks to contain a large number of choices when it comes to race, clothing and accessories with many of the options pulled straight from the Shounen Jump properties featured in the game such as Saiyan armour and Yugi’s hair.

The trailer also provides a first glimpse at the Onyx Book, a powerful device suspected of having something to do with the mysterious merging of the two worlds and used by Kane, one of the main villains in the game.

The story details weren’t the only bit of Jump Force news we got this week though. 4 new playable characters were also confirmed as appearing in Jump Force. Asta from Black Clover, Trunks from Dragon Ball, Boa Hancock from One Piece and Renji Abarai from Bleach will all be playable in the game when it launches early next year.

You can check out the Jump Force Story Trailer below:

Jump Force launches on February 15th, 2019 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Digitally on PC.

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