Insomniac’s Spider-Man Game Has Gone Gold


Get Ready To Crawl On Some Walls

We’ve woken up to some exciting news this morning. Insomniac Games have confirmed that their upcoming Spider-Man game has gone gold.

See the official announcement from the Insomniac Games Twitter page below:

This means the game is content complete and the master build of the game is done and begun physical production in preparation for it’s September 7th release date.

I’ve been a massive Spider-Man fan for most of my life and am extremely excited to swing around the Spider-Man world that the talented team at Insomniac have created.

Spider-Man launches on September 7th this year and is exclusive to the PlayStation 4. If you’re excited about the news that the Spider-Man game has gone gold you can check out the other pieces we’ve written about the game here.

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