Get Your First Look At The Opening Movie Of Kingdom Hearts 3


Today Disney and Square Enix have released a sneak peak of the Kingdom Hearts opening movie featuring the brand new music track “Face My Fears”, a collaboration track performed by Hikaru Utada who also performed the titles songs from Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2 and EDM artist Skrillex.

The opening movie trailer sets players up for the events to come in KINGDOM HEARTS III, as the ultimate battle for light and life comes to an epic conclusion. With the help of his loyal companions Donald and Goofy, Sora will team up with iconic Disney and Pixar characters in an attempt to defeat the darkness and save the universe.

The new opening track has similar vibes to the opening tracks of Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2 (Simple and Clean & Sanctuary) and the introduction of the electronic sequences adds a lot of power to the scenes as the action ramps up in the latest trailer.

Fans of the song can now pre-order the track on iTunes here.

As the tweet on the official Kingdom Hearts Twitter page suggests, this trailer is just a sneak peak at the opening movie and isn’t in fact the whole thing. It seems there will still be some surprises when we get to see the full extended opening on January 29 next year.

You can check out the opening movie for Kingdom Hearts 3 and hear Face My Fears below:

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