Uncover the Story Of Far Cry New Dawn in the New Story Trailer


After being revealed last month at the Video Game Awards, Ubisoft have now released a new trailer providing insight into the story and threats we’ll encounter when Far Cry New Dawn launches next month.

The trailer begins by showing the world and the ways people have been living to deal with the aftermath of the nuclear explosion 17 years prior.

After that we’re reintroduced to the core threats we’ll be facing off against in New Dawn, the Highwaymen and ‘The Twins’ Mickey and Lou.

It’s clear we’re going to need some help taking down the enemies but when word of ‘New Eden’ begins being thrown around you realise that to overcome the threat of The Twins you may need to make friends with the big bad from Far Cry 5, Joseph Seed.

Set up the world and how people are living post the nuclear explosion

The trailer closes with an action packed montage showcasing the locations, weapons and wildlife of New Dawn and highlights a number of varied environment types you’ll explore throughout the open world.

Check out the Far Cry New Dawn story trailer below:

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