Far Cry 5 Details Season Pass and Free Post Launch Content


Ubisoft have released a couple of new video’s further detailing the inclusions of the season pass for the upcoming Far Cry 5. The details were previously revealed but now we get our first glimpse into gameplay of each of the DLC packs.

·        Hours of Darkness: Players will travel back in time to Vietnam to battle against Viet Cong soldiers
·        Dead Living Zombies: Players will face hordes of zombies across multiple b-movie scenarios
·        Lost on Mars: Players will leave Earth behind to go toe-to-claws with Martian arachnids

Season pass holders will also be able to download Far Cry® 3 Classic Edition 4 weeks before it releases later this year.

The second video details the Far Cry 5 arcade mode and gives further insight into the community add-ons that will be available post launch and what you will be able to create yourself using the map editor.

You can view both videos for the Far Cry 5 Post Launch Content below.

Post-Launch & Season Pass

Expand your Far Cry®5 experience, with all new, explosive other-worldly adventures and free post-launch content!

Far Cry Arcade

Jump into Far Cry Arcade to play and enjoy infinite Far Cry experiences built by a robust community of creators, free for all players! Play solo, co-op, or up to 6v6 PvP in this fun, fast-paced game mode where the possibilities are limitless! Far Cry 5 will be released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Far Cry 5 will release on March 27th for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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