Devil May Cry 5 Officially Announced


Heading Back To It’s Roots

After a number of rumors floating around recently, and sources spotting domains being purchased by Capcom about the Devil May Cry brand. Today during the Microsoft briefing at e3, it’s finally been confirmed that Devil May Cry 5 is real and it looks to be going back to it’s core numbered timeline rather than continuing the events of the rebooted DMC of 2013.

Based on the trailer that you can watch below it looks like we’ll be going back to playing as Nero, based on the familiar sounding voice of Johnny Young Bosch and the notable prosthetic arm and sporting a new look. Never fear though as the closing of the trailer seems to reveal that Dante will in fact be in the game.

Capcom have revealed that the game will be coming to PS4 and XboxOne in 2019. Check out the announcement trailer below.

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