Check Out the Explosiveness Of Far Cry New Dawn’s New Launch Trailer


Ahead of tomorrows release, Ubisoft have released the launch trailer for Far Cry New Dawn. Featuring the main enemies of the game Mickey and Lou, also known as ‘The Twins’ speaking a monologue over the top of game footage. And there’s no shortage of action and explosions to be seen.

Far cry New Dawn is set 17 years after the dropping of the nuclear bombs at the end of Far Cry 5 and brings players to a ‘wildly beautiful and radically transformed Hope County, Montana’ returning us to the same area’s explored in Far Cry 5 but getting to see the world in a new light and see how it’s been shaped since the nuclear chaos.

Check out the new launch trailer below:

Far Cry New Dawn launches tomorrow, February 15th on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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