Check Out MadFests’ Awesome SAO & The Promised Neverland Exhibits


MadFest Sydney 2019 was full of things to see and do but some of the key highlights on the show floor for me were the exhibits built to celebrate the anime adaptations of Sword Art Online and The Promised Neverland, a new series that has only started airing this season but has already become a massive success and gathered a large following.

The exhibits featured key character artworks, storyboards, animation sheets, posters, scale props from their respective series’ and in the case of The Promised Neverland Booth an interactive game where you could win The Promised Neverland related prizes.

If you weren’t able to make it to the event or want to revisit what you saw, check out my videos below for a booth tour for both the Sword Art Online and The Promised Neverland exhibits.

Sword Art Online Exhibit

The Promised Neverland Exhibit

Based on comments mentioned at the event it seems that these exhibits may be travelling around to other Madman Entertainment shows this year so if you’re heading to another one of the upcoming MadFest’s keep an eye out and wander the booth yourself.

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