Check Out All of the PlayStation Announcements From This Morning’s State Of Play


After debuting last month, PlayStations Direct style news update show State of Play returned this morning for it’s second showing. Where the first episode focused almost exclusively on PSVR titles, this showing stuck to presenting titles coming soon the the PS4. There were new updates on existing titles we knew were coming, new game announcements and even a couple of surprises no one was expecting. Check out the details below.

You can check out the annoucements from and the full stream for the second PlayStation State of Play below:

The Limited Edition Days of Play PS4

Coinciding with PlayStations’s Days of Play event next month, a new Limited Edition PS4 will be available for purchase complete with a 1TB hard drive and matching DS4.

A new look at Final Fantasy VII Remake

After being revealed almost 4 years ago, we’ve finally got a further look at the FF7 Remake and proof that it is still in development. Check out the new trailer to see how great it looks. And it’s been confirmed that more details will be coming in June so a showcase at the Square Enix E3 conference seems likely.

Predator: Hunting Grounds announced for PS4

Drop into the Predator universe through a new competitive online multiplayer experience. Play as an elite Fireteam charged to complete paramilitary operations while a Predator mercilessly hunts you. Or, BE the Predator, armed with all the deadly alien weaponry you’ve grown to love and pursue your prey. The Hunt Begins 2020.

MediEvil new trailer and release date confirmed for PS4

Step into the bones of Sir Daniel Fortesque, a slightly-inept (and long dead) knight accidentally resurrected by his greatest enemy, the evil sorcerer Zarok. With a second chance to foil his greatest foe, Dan will once again set out to save the kingdom of Gallowmere and earn his place as a true hero. Releasing October 25th 2019.

Co-op dungeon crawler Riverbond announced for PS4

Riverbond is a ‘shoot and slash’ featuring a charming voxel art style, up to 4 player couch co-op and crossover skins from beloved indie games. Coming to PlayStation Store this summer.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne release date announced for PS4

Enter the new snowy region of Hoarfrost Reach in the massive expansion for Monster Hunter: Worlds. Available on PS4 September 6th this year.

Animal adventure Away: The Survival Series revealed for PS4

A brand new title revealed. Inspired by nature documentaries, AWAY: The Survival Series is an animal-based adventure game that takes you on the Sugar Glider’s breathtaking journey into the wild.

It was short and sweet but packed with some great stuff. And this isn’t the end of State of Play. It has been confirmed by PlayStation that it will return later in the year with more news and updates from the world of PlayStation.

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