Check Out 30 Minutes of New Fire Emblem: Three Houses Footage


During Nintendo’s E3 Treehouse presentations we’ve been given a nice lengthy look at some new Fire Emblem: Three Houses gameplay. The 30 minute showcase further enforces the things we learned back in February’s Direct and highlights what we’ll be doing within the Garreg Mach Monastery, the various ways we’ll be able to interact with our students and how those interactions can provide a number of perks within the battle component of the game.

The gameplay showcase also showed off how Three Houses’ day cycles will work, with them implementing a system I find quite relatable to the Persona games. With days being able to be viewed visually on a calendar, with key events and days able to be planned around. Letting you see when you have things to do and also letting you best allocate your free time.

If you’re interesting in picking up Fire Emblem when it launches next month, I’d definitely recommend giving the video a watch.

Check out the Fire Emblem: Three Houses gameplay below:

Fire Emblem: Three Houses launches on the Nintendo Switch on July 26th.

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