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Today in a newly released blog post over at the Playstation Blog, Director of Sony social media Sid Shuman has written up a great piece detailing the various new gameplay systems we’ll see in the upcoming God Of War.

Sid detailed the feel of the new combat system:

Where the old titles were ferocious arcade-style brawlers, this God of War is more methodical and deliberate in its carnage.

I immediately noticed the new control scheme, which felt more in line with a game like Bloodborne than a traditional God of War title. The attacks map to R1 and R2, and with full dual-stick camera controls, the action feels more dangerous, more immediate.

The article then provides new details about Kratos’ new Mjolnir style axe called Leviathan. Before shifting focus to the game’s newest change-up, the addition of an AI companion.

Then there’s Kratos’s son Atreus. Far from being a chore to manage, Atreus is an extension of Kratos, hovering on the periphery of battles and calling out enemy positions. At any time you can focus on an enemy and tap Square to have Atreus fire a powerful arrow. And sometimes you’ll need his help to stun certain enemies who can evade Kratos’s attacks.

And A Great Extended Look At God Of War Gameplay

Finishing off with what every God Of War fan has wanted for some time. An extended look at gameplay.
The below video contains 15 minutes of gameplay for God Of War and it’s definitely got us excited for what’s to come.

If you’re as excited as us after seeing that God of War gameplay, be sure to check back in April when we post our thoughts on the game in our review.

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