All The Big Sony Announcements From Paris Games Week 2017


Sony held their annual Paris Games Week showcase yesterday, and have provided a ton of updates along with some big reveals for brand new games.

The showcase was split into two main sections, The pre-show and the main media showcase.


The pre-show, hosted by Sid Shuman, Rob Pearson & Hollie Bennett from YouTube channel PlayStation Access and rounding out the group was Ramone Russell from SIE.
This show contained 21 PS4 and PSVR game updates and revealed 7 never before seen titles. And this was all before the main event even started.

Guacamelee 2

Kicking off the pre-show was the reveal of Guacamelee 2. A sequel to the 2013 hit from DrinkBox studio’s. Guacamelee 2 seems to have expanded the mechanics of the dimensions system that made the first one so fun to play. It has improved it’s ‘chicken mechanics’ and the whole game looks just as colourful and polished as the first. Guacamelee 2 also introduces a 4 player co-op mode and will launch ‘soon-ish’ in 2018.

Hong Kong Massacre

Developed by Vreski, The Hong Kong Massacre is a fast paced top-down shooter set in the city of Hong Kong. Inspired by Hong Kong action movies, the game let’s the player engage in hard-boiled gunfights around the city in levels ranging from restaurants to building rooftops.

The Garden Between

Developed by Melbourne studio, The Voxel Agents, The Gardens Between is a homage to friendship, the kind from our childhoods that felt so impossibly large, when we made bonds that we thought could never be broken.

Arina and Frendt, the two protagonists, are inseparable friends who shape one another markedly as they grow up. They fall into a mysterious world of beautiful garden islands, where cause and effect are malleable. As you follow them on their journey, a story about friendship, childhood and growing up unfolds.

Megalith VR

Disruptive Games announced Megalith, coming to PSVR in 2018 as a timed exclusive! Megalith is an action-packed hero shooter that transforms you into a titan, letting you use your massive size and firepower to compete with others in a quest to become a god.

Bow To Blood

Bow to Blood is the next title from the industry veterans at Tribetoy, where you’ll compete to become champion of the Arena as its inscrutable overseers test you and your fellow challengers with harrowing high-speed races, deadly battles with swarming assault ships, perilous encounters with aerial beasts, mind-bending challenges, and more.

Ultrawings VR

Ultrawings is the first aerial-themed game that features full support for PlayStation Move controllers allowing you to use your hands to virtually interact with each aircraft’s flight instruments for a truly unparalleled flight experience!

In Ultrawings, you’ll soar around 4 beautifully stylized islands while piloting 4 distinct aircraft. You’ll pop balloons using a dart gun, participate in thrilling air races, land in tight spots, take photos of key island landmarks using your tablet, fly through score rings, and much more.


Sony announced that PSVR title, Moss would be launching in Feb 2018. One of my stand outs from e3 this year, Moss has you battle and solve puzzles as an adorable mouse, Quill. You control Quill with the dualshock 4 while simultaneously moving objects in the game world to solve puzzles using the motion tracking capabilities of the controller.

Star Child

Star Child is a cinematic platforming adventure that follows the journey of Spectra and her companion on an important mission to an alien planet. After becoming stranded, they uncover a hostile, overwhelming force that threatens to destroy everything. At a pivotal, startling moment, Spectra gains the ability to gradually take control of the world around her and fight back.

Dead Hungry

These zombies crave not the flesh of the living but delicious fast food served to order! To survive, you’ll need to fend them off with burgers, pizza, fries–and anything else you can pick up! Dead Hungry launches THIS HALLOWEEN.

League of War VR Arena

Get ready to be blown away by a war game like no other, as you annihilate opponents with virtual armies that come to life in your own hands! Our team has prepared over 75 unique units to choose from – tanks, choppers, infantry… just pick them up, put them on the battlefield, and watch ’em take out your enemies. But you’d better think fast, before your opponents outfox you and destroy your bases!


Oure aims to give you a unique, dreamlike experience of freedom as you fly through the clouds as a dragon in an adventure about hope, discovery and independence.

“The game is non-violent and intended to be a contemplative experience with moments of drama and mental challenge, hopefully creating something unique for players who want a break from blockbuster game experiences. Best of all, it’s out today.

Spelunky 2

Spelunky is one of the earliest games to be classed as an indie gem. After taking some time off after releasing the first game, developer Derek Yu has come back to announce the long awaited Spelunky 2. Based on what we see in the trailer it seems Derek has added theme’s of parenthood into the Spelunky formula, echoing his personal journey’s faced over the past few years.

Main Media Showcase

Ghost Of Tsushima

Since releasing Infamous: Second Son, developer SuckerPunch have been quiet about what their next project would be, until now. Sticking to what they know best, The Ghost Of Tsushima is a sprawling samurai open-world game set in feudal Japan. Can’t wait to see some more on this game. Lets hope for a gameplay reveal at this years PSX.

Concrete Genie

Concrete Genie is an action adventure game about a boy called Ash who discovers he can bring his paintings to life.

As you might expect, given that our hero is an artist, a lot of the gameplay in Concrete Genie is about having fun with paint. Using DualShock 4’s motion sensor, you can effortlessly create stunning landscapes that come to life and even make your own cast of unique creatures to hang out and play with. Our goal is for anyone to be able to paint in this game. The paint strokes you make on the walls will turn into beautiful, living artwork.


PlayStation have revealed another title in their PlayLink series, Erica. Erica is an interactive live-action drama, with no 3D graphics at all. That means you are interacting with a film that has no visible pausing, loading, or interruptions so it feels utterly cinematic. It has the pace, flow, and production value of a Hollywood movie. The difference in Erica is that you are an active participant, guiding the namesake protagonist in her journey.

Blood And Truth

From the moment you slip on the PSVR headset, you become Ryan Marks, an elite Special Forces soldier who is on a dangerous mission to save his family from a ruthless criminal overlord. Playing as Ryan, you will come face to face with enemies, uncover secrets and experience the thrill of the chase.

Monster Hunter World

The latest trailer reveals a special collaboration with Horizon Zero Dawn, which will bring Aloy’s bow and armor into Monster Hunter: World! This hunter armor set, along with machine-themed armor for your Felyne Palico will be available for free and only on PlayStation 4, though you’ll have to prove your worth by completing a unique Event Quest and gathering the required resources.


Another action packed trailer here, following suit ith everything else we’ve seen so far from Insomniac’s Spider-Man. In this new trailer we’re introduced to Peter Parker for the first time, meet his love interest Mary Jane, and after that tease at the end of the e3 trailer, it has been confirmed that Miles Morales is in fact in the game. This is one of my most anticipated titles and can not wait to get my hands on SPider-Man.

Detroit: Become Human

Detroit is the story of our world in twenty years, a world where androids that look like humans are treated like objects and have no rights. It is the story of three androids’ struggles: Kara escaping to protect a little girl, Markus fighting to be free, and Connor chasing deviants; three stories that may well determine the future of all androids.
In this trailer we get to see a section of the game with Kara, and as with the previous Detroit trailers, this one also emphasises how many possible outcomes you can get depending on how you approach and handle specific scenario’s in the game.

God Of War

The latest trailer showed off some of the new combat system as we get to witness how Kratos’ son Atreus can be used in combat situations as a second set of eyes. While fighting it seems Atreus will point out incoming attackers and can tell you where to focus. God of War is slated for an ‘Early 2018’ release so it’s not too far off. Quite frankly, I want to play this game today, it looks so good.

Horizon: Zero Dawn – The Frozen Wilds

The Frozen Wilds is the story expansion for Horizon Zero Dawn. It releases on the 7th of November. The latest trailer showcases the environment The Frozen Wilds takes place in and shows Aloy back in some action packed, highly dangerous situations we faced in the main game. I’ve been looking forward to jumping back into this world, and can’t wait to play through The Frozen Wilds.

Shadow Of The Colussus

Shadow of the Colossus on PS4 is not a port or remaster. The beloved all-time classic has been completely rebuilt by the highly regarded team at Bluepoint Games. They are no stranger when it comes to reintroducing gems of PlayStation’s past for new generations of gamers to experience; their reputation for faithful, beautiful restorations precedes them. Shadow of the Colossus for PlayStation 4 will launch on 8th February 2018.

The Last Of Us Part 2

The show closed out with a lengthy new trailer for Naugty Dog’s The Last Of Us Part 2. This trailer seemed to be hiding what it really was, as it introduced us to a camp of bandits torturing another survivor, whilst being attacked and rescued by another young male survivor. The game, while being an in engine trailer looks absolutely stunning. The lighting from the campfire and mood is incredibly realistic. It also seems like the world in Part 2 is going to be just as gritty and violent as it was in the first game.

The big reveal coming at the end of the trailer when an onslaught of Clickers comes racing out of nearby forest, letting you know that what we just saw in that trailer is in fact from The Last Of Us universe. While it may be some time away, I’m hyped nonetheless.

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