Best Ways To Catch Up On The Story of Metro Before Metro Exodus


With the release of Metro Exodus just around the corner now is the time to catch up on the story of the two prior games or re-familiarise yourself with the events that occurred and lore of the world if it’s been some time since you played them. Which is probably something most players are going to need to do seeing as Metro 2033 released back in 2010 with it’s sequel Last Light releasing in 2013.

Thankfully you’re able to catch up on the story fairly cheaply and easily on most platforms if you’re looking to play through the first two games thanks to the remastered Metro Redux Collection.

Steam is currently selling the collection for $29.95 AUD but has in the past sold the collection for as little as $5 USD.

Metro story recap

Those with an Xbox One can purchase the collection from the Microsoft Store for $39.99 AUD or $31.99 if you are a Game Pass member. Alternatively if you are happy not owning the games and just want to play through them they are currently both available as part of Game Pass at the time of writing.

Metro story recap

But the best value at the moment for those that want to own the collection is to pick it up on PS4 with the Redux collection available there for only $11.95AUD.

Metro story recap

For those that may own the collection already or just want to jump into Metro Exodus and don’t have time to play the others there is a great story recap video here created by Suggestive Gaming on YouTube.

And also check out:

Metro Exodus launches this Friday the 15th of February for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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