Danganronpa Team’s New Game Zanki Zero Is Coming West


Another Death Themed Tale

Today at GDC, Spike Chunsoft revealed that their upcoming game Zanki Zero: Last Beginning will be releasing in the West. It will be available on both PlayStation 4 and Windows PC via Steam.

Based on what we see in the trailer it looks like death will once again play a big part in the overall narrative of the title. Which isn’t too surprising seeing as Yoshinori Terasawa, who also produced the Danganronpa series is producing the title.

The theme of ageing and rebirth also seems to have a prominent impact on how the game will play. With the trailer indicating the game’s protagonists life cycle takes place over 13 days before being reborn, evolved from their previous life.

Looking at the screenshots it’s clear that the game will likely play very similar to the Danganronpa games. Having a first person dungeon crawling and exploration side as well as the more traditional visual novel style story telling.

There is no currently announced release date but you can watch the announcement trailer and view the image gallery below:

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